KakeWalk stencils simplify cake or cookie decorating by letting the consumer spray the stencil design over a cake with an airbrush filled with edible ink. Kakewalk offers many different designs including Happy Birthday text, Christmas designs, brand name patterns such as Gucci and LV, as well as simple designs for every-day use. 

Airbrushes are also available for bakers and hobbyists. Our airbrush tools allow the consumer to use edible ink to spray onto a stencil design placed over a cake or other pastry to add amazing designs that would otherwise be impossible to perfect by hand. Our airbrush options include the high speed commercial airbrush which comes with a double-action trigger air-paint control pictured below:
This tool is an easy-to-use airbrush for hobbyists who do cake decorating for fun. For businesses and commercial users, there are other options such as the Airbrush Compressor Kit Pro.

The Airbrush Compressor Kit Pro is for professional bakers who plan on using an airbrush almost daily, as it works perfectly with cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other pastries to provide unique designs that will keep customers happy. The pro kit is pictured below:

Whether you are a professional baker or a hobbyist, the airbrush and stencil combo provides you with a distinct advantage in unique and beautiful designs. With many KakeWalk stencil designs to choose from, decorating a cake has been simplified and takes much less time!

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