Edible Gold

If you are looking for something new and attention-grabbing for your baked goods, look no further. Our edible gold is the highest quality gold you could ever get your hands on. All our gold is 23k to ensure the purest form of gold available. Use it on anything, from cookies, chocolates, merengues, cupcakes, cakes, and even gourmet food. 
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Edible Gold Flakes 23k - 1gram
Edible Silver Flakes - 1gram
Edible Silver Dust - 1gram
Edible Gold Dust - 1gram
Edible Gold Flakes 23K - 100 mg
GoldGourmet - Edible Silver Flakes with Shaker - 200mg
GoldGourmet - Edible Gold Leaf 23K- 12 leaves
GoldGourmet - Edible Silver Leaf- 25 leaves
GoldGourmet - Edible Gold Leaf 23K- 25 leaves
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