Get Rewarded For Every Purchase Made at KakeWalk Store 

 Our rewards program is free for all users. Every purchase will be rewarded with certain amounts of reward points to our members. 
 Customer can check total accrued points in My Account section and redeem them for an electronic Gift Certificate. or offered products in store. 

 To check or redeem accrued points

 1. Go to 'My Account' link found at top of web page and log in. 

 2. Scroll down, near bottom of page to find 'My Rewards' category. 

 3. Click 'View Details' to see total accrued points.

 4. Click 'Redeem' to get your electronic gift certificate emailed to you.

Gift Certificate can be used towards any purchase in our store without expiration date. On occasional promotions KakeWalk will offer double amount of reward points for specific purchases and items. 

 To see list of redeemable items please click HERE !