Sales Policy


Our daily deals do not directly relate to the actual prices on our website. 
These are automated deals which will not be refunded in any way relating to the original pricing method. For example: If you purchase a printer at normal sale price of $249.99 and the following day there is a flash sale discounted price of approximately 10% off, you will NOT be reimbursed the difference if you choose to buy the new deal. 
The new purchase will ship out regularly and there will be a $35 restocking and shipping fee applied to your return in case you choose to return it. 
Daily deals are not here for you to take advantage of pricing on the days of your choosing. 
They are here and only applicable on the day of the deal due to various reasons which include surplus of stock of that particular item, or discountenance of the item. Please be aware of this policy. 
This includes the discounts via Coupons, Daily deal offers, Bonuses, Extra credit, or any other discount method.
Coupons or any other type of discounts are non stackable . 
Maximum allowance of coupon use is 1.

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