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  2. My printer tries to print but no ink is coming out
Reasons for poor print quality include clogged nozzles/print head, empty ink cartridges, low image resolution, improper media/paper setting and/or improper print quality setting.
To improve print quality:

  • Check to be sure your ink tanks aren't out of ink.
  •  Make sure yellow tab covering air hole is removed
  •  Print nozzle check patter ( For Canon printers go to SET UP - MAINTENANCE - PRINT NOZZLE CHECK PATTERN ) for Epson printers go to SETTINGS - MAINTENANCE -NOZZLE CHECK )
  •  Perform Head Cleaning if necessary ( color segments or lines are missing )
  •  If problem is not solved perform Deep Cleaning
  • Do not clean print head more than twice in 4 hours or you can damage print head permanently ! Repeat head cleaning if needed . If you still don't have correct pattern you must use cleaning cartridge set or change print head ( Canon only )